Rodrigo Valdez vs. Hugo Pastor Corro (1st meeting)

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1978-04-22 : Rodrigo Valdez 159¼ lbs lost to Hugo Pastor Corro 159½ lbs by UD in round 15 of 15

  • WBA & WBC Middleweight Titles

According to the late Jack Tree, Veteran Ring Correspondent, and IBRO Boxing Historian, he reported: "Corro gave Valdez a hint of things to come when he slicked his way through the opening rounds and used his stronger-than-it-looked defense to take the middle rounds by a slight margin. The rounds that Valdez won during the middle of the fight were mainly based on his aggressive pursuit because the hard-to-find Corro had the champion missing like a fat drunk on ice skates. Although visibly tired, Rodrigo attempted to keep the pressure on in the tenth and eleventh rounds, but the harder Valdez tried, the stronger Corro's defense became. In the twelfth round, Corro decided that it was time to make his move and consequently put his offense on go for the first time in the bout. A series of old fashion one-twos had Rodrigo not only holding on for the first time, but hopelessly spent, and actually looking to his corner for a way to avoid impending doom. Rodrigo survived the round, but to everyone who witnessed the fight, the handwriting was on the wall. In all fairness to the ex-champion, this was certainly not the same Rodrigo Valdez who twice went the distance with Carlos Monzon, but a very tired fighter who looked a lot older than his thirty-two years. As for the new champion, much of Valdez lackluster performance must be attributed to Corro's tight defense as well as his ability to mix up his attack in order to keep Valdez off balance."

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