Sebastian Sylvester vs. Roman Karmazin

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2010-06-05 : Sebastian Sylvester 159½ lbs drew with Roman Karmazin 157¾ lbs by SD in round 12 of 12

"This was a very closely contested fight between challenger Roman Karmazin, and champion Sebastian Sylvester. Scoring a close fight can be hard to do especially when you have two different styles. Karmazin used pressure, and volume punching, throwing more combinations. On the other hand The champion Sylvester uses defense, a good jab, and timed punches. They were both effective at times, but the outcome was a draw. One judge saw the fight in favor of Karmazin's style of aggressiveness, and one judge saw it in favor of Sylvester's more skilled style. The third judge scored it close like most people saw the fight. I would think they can get a rematch together, to find a real winner. The scuffle that happened after the fight was not much to mention. This was a fight between the Ring's number 4, and 10th rated middleweights. With the draw Sylvester retains his IBF belt."