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Name: Serafim Todorov
Birth Name: Serafim Simeonov Todorov
Born: 1969-07-06
Birthplace: Peshtera, Bulgaria
Nationality: Bulgarian
Hometown: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 5′ 8½″   /   174cm
Boxing Record: click

Won the world amateur championships in 1991 (Bantamweight), 1993 & 1995 (Featherweight)
Won silver in the world amateur championships in 1989 (Bantamweight)
Won silver in the 1996 Olympics (Featherweight) Was the last man to defeat Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Won the european amateur championships in 1989, 1991 (Bantamweight), & 1993 (Featherweight)

Olympic results

1992 (as a bantamweight)

1996 (as a featherweight)

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