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Solo Boxeo ("Just Boxing") is a weekly television series currently airing on the Spanish-language Telefutura network. As of August 2006, the show as a whole is sponsored by the Miller Brewing Company, so at present the full title of the show is Solo Boxeo de Miller ("Miller's 'Solo Boxeo'").

The series is devoted to the broadcast of live fight cards featuring Hispanic boxers, most frequently those promoted by Top Rank Incorporated and, more recently, Golden Boy Promotions. Top Rank has been a key supplier of fights for the show since its inception.

Solo Boxeo debuted in August 2000 on Telefutura's parent network, Univision, and originally ran only for one hour. When the Telefutura network first went on the air in January 2002, the series was expanded to a two-hour format and transferred from Univision to Telefutura, where it has remained ever since.

The primary commentators and hosts of the show are Ricardo Celis and Bernardo Osuna. Former 140-pound contender Ahmed Santos also frequently appears as a commentator and interviewer. Lupe Contreras serves as ring announcer.

Notable bouts that have been broadcast on the show in recent years include the 2003 WBC lightweight title fight between Jesus Chavez and Sirimongkol Singwangcha, in which Chavez captured his first world title, the 2004 WBA super flyweight title bout between Martin Castillo and Alexander Munoz, in which Munoz, fighting for the first time in North America, was handed his first defeat, and the January 2006 encounter between Antonio Escalante and Jose Andres Hernandez, considered by some to be among the best bouts fought that year.