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"Kid McCoy" to Acelino Freitas
Acelino Freitas vs. Alfred Kotey to Ahmed Kotiev vs. Daniel Santos (2nd meeting)
Ahmed Kotiev vs. Leonard Townsend to Alan Minter vs. Sandy Torres
Alan Minter vs. Sugar Ray Seales to Alex Mack
Alex Marino to Ali Amrane
Ali Belkacem to Andre Cooper
Andre Crowder to Angel Manfredy vs. Arturo Gatti
Angel Manfredy vs. John Brown to Antonio Escalante vs. Mike Oliver
Antonio Escalante vs. Natalio Ponce to Arnie Cotarobles
Arnie Rosenthal to Assault in the Ring
Asset Aisin to Barry McGuigan vs. Bernard Taylor
Barry McGuigan vs. Felipe Orozco to Benny Paret
Benny Paret vs. Charley Scott (2nd meeting) to Bill Larrigo
Bill Luna to Billy Quinton
Billy Rainsbury to Bobby Blay
Bobby Boland to BoxRec's Annual Ratings: Heavyweight--1970s
BoxRec's Annual Ratings: Heavyweight--1980s to Boxing (1894 film)
Boxing (1898 film) to Boxing Illustrated: October 1975
Boxing Illustrated: October 1976 to Brian Strauss
Brian Sutherland to Børge Krogh vs. Roy Ate
Børge Krogh vs. Tei Dowe to Carlos Elliott
Carlos Enrique Ramos vs. Jorge Enrique Argüello to Ceferino Garcia vs. Young Peter Jackson (1st meeting)
Ceferino Labarda to Charley Miller
Charley Mitchell to Chris Daley
Chris Davies to Clarence Dewberry
Clarence English to Commonwealth Featherweight Champion
Commonwealth Featherweight Title Fights to Cuban Bobby Brown
Cuban Kid to Danie Van Graan
Danie Venter to Danny Tardugno
Danny Taub to Dave Simmonds
Dave Smith to Dean Guthery
Dean Marsden to Devon Alexander
Devon Alexander vs. Andriy Kotelnik to Dmitry Chudinov
Dmitry Chudinov vs. Otis Chennault to Dorely Valente vs. Isabel Ramírez (2nd meeting)
Dorely Valente vs. Yesenia Gómez to Ed McKillop
Ed McLarney to Eddie Spence vs. Paul Raymond
Eddie Spence vs. Pete Riccitelli (1st meeting) to Efrain Nieves
Efrain Pintor to Emilio Ale Ali
Emilio Baez to Ernest Anderson
Ernest Bing to Evelyn Norris
Evens Pierre to Felix Trinidad vs. Hector Camacho
Felix Trinidad vs. Hugo Pineda to Fight:100728
Fight:100729 to Fight:1027934
Fight:1028024 to Fight:1051611
Fight:1051631 to Fight:1071554
Fight:1071661 to Fight:1088305
Fight:1088316 to Fight:1104127
Fight:1104141 to Fight:1121925
Fight:1121990 to Fight:11394
Fight:1139461 to Fight:1158252
Fight:1158267 to Fight:117324
Fight:1173263 to Fight:1190497
Fight:1190498 to Fight:1206140
Fight:1206216 to Fight:1219976
Fight:1220084 to Fight:1234296
Fight:123435 to Fight:124818
Fight:124820 to Fight:1267455
Fight:1267491 to Fight:12898
Fight:128986 to Fight:13042
Fight:130427 to Fight:1325211
Fight:1325258 to Fight:13443
Fight:1344312 to Fight:1366347
Fight:1366374 to Fight:138730
Fight:138731 to Fight:1407463
Fight:1407484 to Fight:1429531
Fight:1429545 to Fight:1450128
Fight:1450200 to Fight:1473082
Fight:1473096 to Fight:1499118
Fight:1499214 to Fight:1515890
Fight:1516009 to Fight:1534727
Fight:1534739 to Fight:15496
Fight:15497 to Fight:1573714
Fight:1573725 to Fight:1593971
Fight:1594026 to Fight:1614783
Fight:1614877 to Fight:1631586
Fight:16316 to Fight:1653587
Fight:16536 to Fight:16792
Fight:1679205 to Fight:1702866
Fight:1702867 to Fight:172752
Fight:172753 to Fight:174890
Fight:1748925 to Fight:1774028
Fight:1774031 to Fight:179338
Fight:1793397 to Fight:181290
Fight:1812931 to Fight:1828773
Fight:182883 to Fight:18490
Fight:1849070 to Fight:1865312
Fight:1865447 to Fight:1881813
Fight:1881955 to Fight:1901420
Fight:1901421 to Fight:196187
Fight:196286 to Fight:20407
Fight:204076 to Fight:213781
Fight:2139 to Fight:225014
Fight:22502 to Fight:23486
Fight:23492 to Fight:2432
Fight:243295 to Fight:261024
Fight:261182 to Fight:273522
Fight:273526 to Fight:2903
Fight:290339 to Fight:307264
Fight:30734 to Fight:32759
Fight:32760 to Fight:34357
Fight:34362 to Fight:360185
Fight:360186 to Fight:38086
Fight:380860 to Fight:40013
Fight:40015 to Fight:425108
Fight:425113 to Fight:443131
Fight:443140 to Fight:466497
Fight:46650 to Fight:499337
Fight:49937 to Fight:533498
Fight:533796 to Fight:567229
Fight:567257 to Fight:595416
Fight:595634 to Fight:619373
Fight:619416 to Fight:642735
Fight:642742 to Fight:6627
Fight:662732 to Fight:6811
Fight:681132 to Fight:710597
Fight:710617 to Fight:735188
Fight:7352 to Fight:756062
Fight:75607 to Fight:78069
Fight:78077 to Fight:806707
Fight:806747 to Fight:83369
Fight:83379 to Fight:858789
Fight:858813 to Fight:893207
Fight:893208 to Fight:914460
Fight:914647 to Fight:93058
Fight:930593 to Fight:947458
Fight:94747 to Fight:962085
Fight:962095 to Fight:979383
Fight:979388 to Fight:996189
Fight:996253 to Francis Sargent vs. George Gofortz
Francis Tyo to Frank Bohme
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