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Fight:1736100 to Fight:1754751
Fight:1754768 to Fight:1775344
Fight:1775345 to Fight:179213
Fight:1792169 to Fight:1807475
Fight:1807476 to Fight:1821322
Fight:1821326 to Fight:1837520
Fight:1837568 to Fight:1852789
Fight:1852790 to Fight:1866482
Fight:186652 to Fight:1879932
Fight:1880022 to Fight:1894725
Fight:1894806 to Fight:1909699
Fight:1909717 to Fight:1925838
Fight:192584 to Fight:1938950
Fight:1938981 to Fight:195562
Fight:195564 to Fight:197456
Fight:19747 to Fight:19795