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Fight:1736100 to Fight:175193
Fight:175195 to Fight:1772209
Fight:1772215 to Fight:1787975
Fight:178801 to Fight:1800262
Fight:1800270 to Fight:1815408
Fight:1815467 to Fight:182789
Fight:1827891 to Fight:1842106
Fight:1842107 to Fight:1855313
Fight:1855314 to Fight:1868972
Fight:1868977 to Fight:1880336
Fight:1880339 to Fight:1893942
Fight:18941 to Fight:190847
Fight:190849 to Fight:1922320
Fight:1922321 to Fight:1934500
Fight:1934501 to Fight:1946701
Fight:19468 to Fight:1960565
Fight:1960566 to Fight:1977135
Fight:1977138 to Fight:19795