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Fight:175590 to Fight:1776866
Fight:1776867 to Fight:1793288
Fight:1793297 to Fight:1808537
Fight:1808538 to Fight:1824063
Fight:1824160 to Fight:1839818
Fight:1839819 to Fight:1854673
Fight:1854674 to Fight:1869279
Fight:1869280 to Fight:1883008
Fight:1883025 to Fight:1898259
Fight:1898265 to Fight:1913536
Fight:1913537 to Fight:1928543
Fight:1928544 to Fight:1941909
Fight:1942001 to Fight:19598
Fight:1959888 to Fight:199505
Fight:199507 to Fight:206382
Fight:2064 to Fight:20729