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Fight:17600 to Fight:1779766
Fight:1779929 to Fight:1794693
Fight:1794759 to Fight:1809243
Fight:1809261 to Fight:182322
Fight:1823338 to Fight:1839124
Fight:1839181 to Fight:1852877
Fight:1852925 to Fight:186587
Fight:1865893 to Fight:1879388
Fight:1879404 to Fight:1892722
Fight:1892747 to Fight:1907780
Fight:1907781 to Fight:1922759
Fight:1922813 to Fight:1934935
Fight:1934971 to Fight:1948120
Fight:1948121 to Fight:1965196
Fight:19652 to Fight:19831
Fight:1983130 to Fight:20317
Fight:20318 to Fight:208100