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Fight:17721 to Fight:1788665
Fight:1788706 to Fight:18020
Fight:1802013 to Fight:1817212
Fight:1817216 to Fight:1830597
Fight:1830598 to Fight:1847367
Fight:1847369 to Fight:1860798
Fight:1861065 to Fight:1874305
Fight:1874316 to Fight:1887075
Fight:1887095 to Fight:19027
Fight:1902830 to Fight:1915765
Fight:1915905 to Fight:1929772
Fight:1929858 to Fight:1942249
Fight:1942280 to Fight:1957156
Fight:195716 to Fight:1974905
Fight:1974906 to Fight:2000978
Fight:20011 to Fight:207142
Fight:20715 to Fight:20853