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Reach to Rey Bautista vs. Marangin Marbun
Rey Bautista vs. Miguel Angel Mendoza to Richie Kates
Richie Kates vs. Don Fullmer to Ring Magazine: August 1980
Ring Magazine: August 1981 to Ring Magazine: July 1947
Ring Magazine: July 1948 to Ring Magazine: May 2014
Ring Magazine: November 1922 to Risto Luukkonen vs. Pierre Vetroff (2nd meeting)
Risto Luukkonen vs. Young Martin to Roberto Garcia (La Amenaza)
Roberto Garcia vs. Antwone Smith to Rodolfo Ezequiel Martínez vs. Adolfo Dionisio Ríos
Rodolfo Ezequiel Martínez vs. Daniel Alejandro Vázquez to Romeo LeMon
Romero Delisle to Roy Hollis
Roy Hourn to Russell Felger
Russell Fiore to Sam Hennessey
Sam Hill to Sang Il Chung
Sanharib Staifou to Sebastián Andrés Luján vs. Oscar Fabián Pérez
Sebastián Andrés Luján vs. Sergio Ernesto Acuña to Shane Mosley vs. Pablo Cesar Cano
Shane Mosley vs. Raul Hernandez to Show:102661
Show:102689 to Show:107114
Show:107120 to Show:111234
Show:111237 to Show:115265
Show:11528 to Show:121376
Show:121377 to Show:124573
Show:124575 to Show:128958
Show:128994 to Show:133801
Show:133859 to Show:140009
Show:140010 to Show:144681
Show:144684 to Show:148118
Show:148119 to Show:153327
Show:153328 to Show:158195
Show:158249 to Show:164014
Show:164018 to Show:166727
Show:166734 to Show:172267
Show:172276 to Show:181129
Show:181140 to Show:20391
Show:20393 to Show:213571
Show:213574 to Show:218996
Show:218997 to Show:225299
Show:22532 to Show:232664
Show:232666 to Show:238204
Show:238210 to Show:245030
Show:245032 to Show:249355
Show:249370 to Show:253376
Show:253377 to Show:259127
Show:259129 to Show:265878
Show:265880 to Show:272208
Show:272211 to Show:281946
Show:281948 to Show:288080
Show:288090 to Show:295066
Show:295067 to Show:299608
Show:299621 to Show:30682
Show:30683 to Show:311762
Show:311792 to Show:317951
Show:317965 to Show:328014
Show:328015 to Show:334567
Show:334569 to Show:339921
Show:339935 to Show:346156
Show:346251 to Show:350995
Show:350999 to Show:355167
Show:355168 to Show:361230
Show:361231 to Show:367415
Show:36743 to Show:374364
Show:374371 to Show:382831
Show:382851 to Show:38794
Show:38795 to Show:395987
Show:395994 to Show:403331
Show:403337 to Show:411232
Show:411233 to Show:420619
Show:420623 to Show:431398
Show:431399 to Show:439705
Show:439706 to Show:44733
Show:447551 to Show:455797
Show:455807 to Show:464315
Show:464316 to Show:471744
Show:471747 to Show:483624
Show:483639 to Show:493629
Show:493765 to Show:504054
Show:504226 to Show:514155
Show:514169 to Show:523972
Show:523992 to Show:532546
Show:532551 to Show:539874
Show:539878 to Show:549402
Show:549469 to Show:563370
Show:563391 to Show:570336
Show:570367 to Show:578080
Show:578081 to Show:582076
Show:582087 to Show:58515
Show:585158 to Show:590673
Show:590722 to Show:595354
Show:595363 to Show:599319
Show:599320 to Show:603087
Show:603088 to Show:605508
Show:605509 to Show:608462
Show:608472 to Show:610883
Show:610888 to Show:613427
Show:613428 to Show:615085
Show:615086 to Show:616940
Show:616941 to Show:619430
Show:619431 to Show:62154
Show:62155 to Show:624313
Show:624316 to Show:627197
Show:627198 to Show:628948
Show:628956 to Show:630441
Show:630442 to Show:632286
Show:632287 to Show:633521
Show:633526 to Show:634724
Show:634725 to Show:635803
Show:635807 to Show:637261
Show:637262 to Show:637998
Show:637999 to Show:638959
Show:638961 to Show:640433
Show:640436 to Show:642513
Show:642516 to Show:644672
Show:644676 to Show:647487
Show:647489 to Show:649180
Show:649181 to Show:651762
Show:651763 to Show:654147
Show:654148 to Show:656728
Show:656729 to Show:660179
Show:660180 to Show:663473
Show:663474 to Show:665075
Show:665079 to Show:667007
Show:667008 to Show:669242
Show:669243 to Show:671374
Show:671375 to Show:672535
Show:672536 to Show:674047
Show:674048 to Show:675794
Show:675796 to Show:677218
Show:677219 to Show:678574
Show:678576 to Show:679664
Show:679674 to Show:681978
Show:681980 to Show:684081
Show:684086 to Show:686316
Show:686317 to Show:687723
Show:687725 to Show:689119
Show:689123 to Show:690803
Show:690830 to Show:693022
Show:693023 to Show:695740
Show:695746 to Show:697068
Show:697128 to Show:70182
Show:70190 to Show:72488
Show:72489 to Show:76618
Show:76622 to Show:82624
Show:82633 to Show:89130
Show:89131 to Show:93814
Show:93820 to Show:99972
Show:99976 to Soledad Andrea Torres
Soledad Edith Matthysse to Stanley Hasrato
Stanley Hasrato vs. Billy Metcalf (1st meeting) to Steve Upsher Chambers
Steve Upsher Chambers vs. Aaron Drake to Suzette Taylor
Suzuki Cabato to Ted Nelson
Ted Noble to The Black Eye ("Leave It to Beaver" Episode)
The Black Lights to The Ring Magazine's Annual Ratings: Welterweight--1960s
The Ring Magazine's Annual Ratings: Welterweight--1970s to Thulani Malinga vs. Robin Reid
Thulani Malinga vs. Vincenzo Nardiello to Tom Glover
Tom Griffin to Tommy Loughran vs. Tommy Farr
Tommy Loughran vs. Walter Neusel to Tony Herrera
Tony Herrera (of Inglewood, CA) to Tremaine Williams
Tremayne Johnson to Ulises Solis vs. Jose Antonio Aguirre
Ulises Solis vs. Rodel Mayol to Veter Barbano
Veteran Boxers Association Ring 8 to Vince DeSantis
Vince DeVenti to Víctor Enrique Añón vs. Gustavo Aníbal Sberna
Víctor Federico Echegaray to Walter Gonzalez
Walter Gretchell to Wild Bill Hanrahan
Wildcat Carter vs. Eddie Volk to Willie Brennan
Willie Britt to Woman-Wise
Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules to Young Britt
Young Brown to Yusaf Mack vs. Tim Shocks
Yussel Goldstein to Željko Mavrović
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