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Santiago Samaniego vs. Alejandro Garcia to Second
Seconds Out to Shannon Briggs
Shannon Briggs vs. Chris Koval to Show:10294
Show:10298 to Show:10750
Show:107503 to Show:111947
Show:111952 to Show:115422
Show:11548 to Show:121708
Show:121709 to Show:124792
Show:124859 to Show:129166
Show:129167 to Show:134229
Show:134237 to Show:140373
Show:140386 to Show:144894
Show:144898 to Show:148181
Show:148185 to Show:153376
Show:153378 to Show:158358
Show:158363 to Show:164442
Show:164443 to Show:166786
Show:166792 to Show:172462
Show:172464 to Show:181401
Show:181439 to Show:20756
Show:20758 to Show:213828
Show:213837 to Show:219124
Show:219128 to Show:225699
Show:22579 to Show:233005
Show:233008 to Show:238644
Show:238690 to Show:245132
Show:245140 to Show:249436
Show:249438 to Show:253428
Show:253429 to Show:259462
Show:259469 to Show:266159
Show:266169 to Show:272755
Show:272756 to Show:282002
Show:282003 to Show:289146
Show:28918 to Show:295485
Show:295488 to Show:299837
Show:299838 to Show:306997
Show:307000 to Show:312212
Show:312224 to Show:318284
Show:318289 to Show:328515
Show:328517 to Show:334594
Show:334595 to Show:340091
Show:340095 to Show:346452
Show:346456 to Show:351193
Show:351198 to Show:355517
Show:355523 to Show:361534
Show:361547 to Show:367938
Show:367973 to Show:374642
Show:374645 to Show:38311
Show:38317 to Show:38811
Show:38812 to Show:396177
Show:396178 to Show:403803
Show:403809 to Show:411981
Show:411982 to Show:421162
Show:421164 to Show:43182
Show:431837 to Show:439823
Show:439853 to Show:448656
Show:448657 to Show:45629
Show:456309 to Show:464674
Show:464684 to Show:472271
Show:472287 to Show:484249
Show:484250 to Show:494429
Show:494623 to Show:504785
Show:504786 to Show:515341
Show:515342 to Show:524844
Show:524880 to Show:532921
Show:532923 to Show:540199
Show:540201 to Show:550581
Show:550600 to Show:563571
Show:563601 to Show:570988
Show:571024 to Show:578430
Show:578432 to Show:58214
Show:582140 to Show:585701
Show:58575 to Show:590974
Show:590976 to Show:595541
Show:595566 to Show:599528
Show:599560 to Show:603167
Show:603196 to Show:60562
Show:605620 to Show:608545
Show:608546 to Show:611102
Show:611128 to Show:613482
Show:613485 to Show:615231
Show:615234 to Show:617208
Show:61721 to Show:619596
Show:619597 to Show:621702
Show:621705 to Show:624682
Show:624698 to Show:627329
Show:627336 to Show:629011
Show:629013 to Show:630659
Show:630668 to Show:632342
Show:632344 to Show:633634
Show:633635 to Show:634790
Show:634792 to Show:635966
Show:635970 to Show:637291
Show:637292 to Show:638046
Show:638048 to Show:639040
Show:639041 to Show:640568
Show:640570 to Show:64266
Show:642679 to Show:644965
Show:64498 to Show:647588
Show:647589 to Show:649207
Show:649208 to Show:652064
Show:652073 to Show:654222
Show:654224 to Show:657486
Show:657489 to Show:660578
Show:660603 to Show:663535
Show:663536 to Show:665214
Show:665215 to Show:667248
Show:667251 to Show:669287
Show:669288 to Show:671429
Show:671430 to Show:672566
Show:672567 to Show:674118
Show:674122 to Show:675866
Show:675867 to Show:677275
Show:677277 to Show:678621
Show:678624 to Show:679906
Show:679907 to Show:682013
Show:682015 to Show:684171
Show:684190 to Show:686377
Show:686388 to Show:687773
Show:687774 to Show:68925
Show:689253 to Show:690922
Show:690923 to Show:693134
Show:693142 to Show:695800
Show:695817 to Show:697214
Show:697229 to Show:70311
Show:70314 to Show:72567
Show:72569 to Show:76966
Show:76967 to Show:82676
Show:82677 to Show:89309
Show:89330 to Show:94070
Show:94089 to Show: 635553
Showtime to Solomon Bogere
Solomon Eaddy to Stanley McKay
Stanley Mendez to Steven Bell
Steven Bendall to Sven Ottke vs. Rick Thornberry
Sven Ottke vs. Robin Reid to Ted Stewart
Ted Tellos to The Champ (1979)
The Champion (1915) to The Ring Magazine Covers: 1933
The Ring Magazine Covers: 1934 to Tiburcio Garcia
Tiburcio Vagner de Souza to Tom Jensen vs. Mario Romersi
Tom Jensen vs. Peter Michalski to Tommy McFarland (of SF)
Tommy McGinty to Tony Licata
Tony Licata vs. Vinnie Curto to Trevor Berbick vs. Shane Sutcliffe (1st meeting)
Trevor Berbick vs. Shane Sutcliffe (2nd meeting) to Umberto Magliocchetti (Maggi)
Umberto Pittori to Vic Capcino
Vic Cardell to Vince Hart
Vince Hawkins to Víctor Ángel Cabeza
W.C. Heinz to Walter Krache
Walter Leginger to Wilford Scypion Jr.
Wilford Scypion v.Siaosi George Tanoa to Willie Davies
Willie Davis to Worapoj Petchkoom
Worawut Sor Bee Bee vs. Yodpichai Sithsaithong to Young Corbett III vs. Mickey Walker
Young Corbett III vs. Young Harry Wills to Yves Nadal
Yves Studer to Željko Mavrović
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