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*[[Jermain Taylor vs. Kelly Pavlik (1st meeting)]]
*[[Jermain Taylor vs. Kelly Pavlik (1st meeting)]]
*[[Bernard Hopkins vs. Felix Trinidad]]
*[[Bernard Hopkins vs. Felix Trinidad]]
*[[Vernon Forrest vs. Shane Mosley (1st meeting)]]
*[[‎Shane Mosley vs. Vernon Forrest (1st meeting)]]
*[[Roy Jones Jr vs. Bernard Hopkins]]
*[[Roy Jones Jr vs. Bernard Hopkins]]

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Steve Smoger

Steve Smoger is a famous American boxing referee. He works exclusively on the East Coast, and is often featured as the referee in world title or major fights taking place at East Coast venues. When Smoger is not refereeing fights, he serves as a Municipal Court Judge in Atlantic City, as well as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.

In boxing circles, Smoger is known as being one of the most lenient referees in the sport. This liberal attitude often results in exciting fights as the action is only broken up when it is absolutely necessary.

Aside from his excellence as a referee, Smoger is also known for being the victim in the "chair incident" which took place during the first Oleg Maskaev vs. Hasim Rahman fight. Smoger, the backup referee at the fight, was sitting just outside of the ring when Rahman was knocked out of it by Maskaev. Shortly after Rahman hit the ringside floor, Smoger was struck in the head by a chair which had been thrown from the crowd by a fan who was soon arrested.

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