Stevie Johnston vs. Humberto Toledo

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2007-05-18 : Stevie Johnston 135 lbs beat Humberto Toledo 135 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • IBA Lightweight Title (1st defense by Johnston)
  • Weights: Johnston 135 lbs, Toledo 135 lbs
  • Aired on: CSS

Bout Summary

Toledo was warned in round four for low blows. With seven seconds left in the fourth round, Toledo turned his back to Johnston and went to his corner. It almost appeared that he felt the round was over. The announcers, however, thought it was Toledo quitting. Nonetheless, referee Curtis Thrasher allowed the fight to continue. In the fifth round, both fighters stopped punching at the ten second warning. Admittedly, it did sound quite similar to the round ending bell. Toledo was hurt in the sixth round from a right hook. He was warned again in the eighth for low blows and in the twelfth for headbutts after a clash led to a small cut over Johnston's left eye.


  • Prior to the fight, an honorary ten count was performed for Diego Corrales.