Stillman's Gym

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New York City, NY, USA

1935 Advertisement

Stillman's Gym had been founded as the Marshall Stillman Gym to help ex-convicts for the "Marshall Stillman Movement." In the early 1910s Lou Ingber took over management of this facility on Eighth Avenue, between 54th and 55th Streets, up a long flight of stairs. (It may have moved, because the image at left states it was located at 326 West 57th Street.) He adopted the "Stillman" name as his own last name, instead of changing the name of this popular gymnasium. Lou Stillman's manager was Jack Curley. Virtually "anybody who was anybody" in New York--in terms of professional boxing--came here to train or visit during its day.

It often placed signs on the building front indicating which famous boxers were to train there that day, and charged spectators 25 cents (increased to 35 cents) each to watch.

A story about this famous gym can be found in the January 1946 The Ring magazine.

This gym was prominently featured in the movie Somebody Up There Likes Me.