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Is 2.4 correct? Do they All-Time ratings include "active" boxers?

Yes, All-Time ratings include active boxers too.

Not sure how good your all-time heavyweight rankings are. You have Jack Sharkey and James Toney ranked well ahead of both Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis. While all are certainly great names, Sharkey has 14 losses, Toney is a steriod user who naturally fought in lower weight classes. You have him ranked out of the top five now, but 17th all-time? Does that mean several heavies today are considered top ten all-time? I hope not. Tyson dominated as champ with one-round KOs over ranked opponents. Lewis rarely lost rounds as champ. So I have to question your criteria. You have Ken Norton, who won at least one fight with Muhammed Ali, 34th. The guy above him is non-belt holder Don Cockell. I'm sorry, your all-time rankings are very inconsistent by records and performance alone. Do you consider KO wins as champ over ranked opponents the same as decision wins overall? Please explain. Thanks.