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1. On February 12, 2007 the IBF declared Lovemore N'dou the IBF light welterweight world champion, a few days after his fight with Naoufel Ben Rabah on February 4, 2007, which was originally meant to be an eliminator. On February 9, 2007, N'dou's predecessor as IBF light welterweight world champion, Ricky Hatton, had vacated his title. Does that mean that N'dou's eliminator fight with Ben Rabah has retroactively been upgraded to a fight for the vacant IBF light welterweight world title and that Hatton's reign is considered to have ended on February 4, 2007 although he announced to vacate his title only on February 9, 2007? Or does N'dou's fight with Ben Rabah remain an eliminator and N'dou was appointed champion without having to win a title fight [1] (as had been the case with Ken Norton, Lennox Lewis and Oscar De La Hoya before)? On which date did Hatton's reign end? And on which date did N'dou's reign begin?

2. Has Orlando Salido really been IBF featherweight world champion? The result of Salido's fight with then-defending IBF world champion Robert Guerrero on November 4, 2006 was changed to a No Decision after Salido had failed a drug test. Does that mean that Salido was recognized as champion for a few days, having dethroned his predecessor via an ND before being stripped of his title, which was then declared vacant? Or has Salido retroactively lost his complete championship reign? Did the fight against Salido even count as a successful defense for Guerrero, him having defended his title via ND? If the latter is correct, why was Guerrero stripped of his title at all and on which date?

3. According to the succession box on his wiki page, Antonio Tarver was stripped of his IBF light heavyweight world title on November 8, 2003 although the same title was at stake on November 7, 2003 when Glen Johnson drew with Clinton Woods. On which date had the title really been taken from Tarver?

4. On which respective dates did the IBF begin to recognize Michael Spinks as its light heavyweight world champion, Marvin Hagler as its middleweight world champion, Donald Curry as its welterweight world champion and Aaron Pryor as its light welterweight world champion? Did their reigns begin on the respective dates of their inaugural IBF world title fights? Did they compete for vacant titles or did they enter the ring as defending champions?

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