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Did Roy Jones write this article?!

No mention of:

  1. Accusations of hand-picking his fights and selecting over-matched opponents like Otis Grant, Rick Frazier and Glen Kelly.
  2. McCallum was way past his peak.
  3. The politics behind his loss to Park.
  4. Failure to fight Dariusz Michalczewski, lineal champ and the consensus no.2 light-heavy in the world who had never lost his WBA/IBF titles in the ring. Michalczewski called RJJ out when he was in the US, but there was no response.
  5. Potential fights with Benn and Jackson which never materialised.
  6. Dominating the LH division at a time when it was relatively weak.
  7. His suspect chin, and losing to arguably the first opponents with the ability to test it.
  8. His perceived boring and overly cautious style.
  9. Winning his heavyweight title against the mediocre John Ruiz and then refusing to defend it against a decent HW ie Holyfield.
  10. His unwillingness to fight Tarver the first time and then the rematch.
  11. Failing a drugs test.