The Ring Magazine's Annual Ratings

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The Ring magazine inaugurated its Annual Ratings in its February 1925 issue, page 6. (The history of their origins was published in the November 1958 issue. They were created by editor and publisher Nat Fleischer, based upon Walter Camp's annual All-American football selections. These were the first-ever boxing ratings ever devised. Promoter Tex Rickard reviewed and approved Fleischer's ratings, and lent use of his name. (He later tried to claim he came up with the idea.) With Rickard's death in 1929, Jimmy Johnston sponsored the ratings. Then Fleischer took over sole ownership. In time he came out with monthly ratings, too. In time, the National Boxing Association came out with their own ratings.

The Ratings listed below are complete through 1980.

Annual Ratings: By Year

Annual Ratings: By Weight Division