Thomas Hearns vs. Jay Snyder

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1998-11-06 : Thomas Hearns 190 lbs beat Jay Snyder 185 lbs by KO at 1:28 in round 1 of 10

  • This was the last fight refereed by Hall of Fame referee Mills Lane.

Thomas Hearns, at the age of 40, still looked like the Hit Man of old last night.

Hearns (58-4-1), attempting a comeback as a cruiserweight, needed just 88 seconds to knock out Jay Snyder (19-6) in front of about 7,000 adoring fans at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

It was the third time this year the 37-year-old Snyder has been knocked out in the first round.

There were few punches thrown in the first minute. Then it was show time.

Hearns unleashed a three-punch combination that rocked Snyder. He finished him off with a looping overhand right that caused Hearns to slip -- leaving both boxers on the canvas for a moment.

The difference was that Hearns bounced right back up. Snyder was flat on his back for about two minutes. Handlers finally got him up on a stool in the middle of the ring where he sat for over five minutes in the middle of a mob of Hearns well-wishers.

The New York Times - November 7, 1998