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  title=[[IBF Bantamweight Champion]]|
  title=[[IBF Bantamweight Champion]]|
  after=[[Rafael Marquez]]|
  after=[[Rafael Marquez]]|
  years=19 Jul 1997 – 15 Feb 2003
  years=1997 Jul 19 – 2003 Feb 15
{{end box}}
{{end box}}
[[Category:1992 Olympians|Austin, Tim]]
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[[Category:Olympic Bronze Medalists|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:African American Boxers]]
[[Category:World Bantamweight Champions|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:National Golden Gloves Champions]]
[[Category:American World Champions|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:United States Amateur Champions]]
[[Category:American Olympians|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:1992 Olympians]]
[[Category:Southpaw World Champions|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:American Olympians]]
[[Category:United States Amateur Champions|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:Olympic Bronze Medalists]]
[[Category:African American Boxers|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:World Bantamweight Champions]]
[[Category:National Golden Gloves Champions|Austin, Tim]]
[[Category:American World Champions]]
[[Category:Southpaw World Champions]]

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Tim Austin

Name: Tim Austin
Alias: Cincinnati Kid
Birth Name: Timothy Austin
Born: 1971-04-14
Birthplace: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 5′ 5½″   /   166cm
Reach: 71″   /   180cm
Boxing Record: click

Manager: Carl King
Trainer: Aaron Snowell

Amateur Accomplishments

  • 1989 United States Junior National flyweight champion
  • Participated at the 1989 World Junior Championships as a flyweight in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Lost to Kachaber Barawi (Soviet Union) 2-3
  • 1990 National Golden Gloves flyweight champion
  • Won Gold at the 1990 Goodwill Games as a flyweight in Seattle, USA
  • 1991 National Golden Gloves flyweight champion
  • 1991 United States Amateur flyweight champion
  • Participated at the 1991 World Championships as a flyweight in Sydney, Australia
  • Representing the United States, Austin won a bronze medal as a flyweight at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. His results were:
  • Amateur Record 113-9

Preceded by:
Mbulelo Botile
IBF Bantamweight Champion
1997 Jul 19 – 2003 Feb 15
Succeeded by:
Rafael Marquez