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World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Name: Tom Sarsfield Gallery
Born: November 27, 1898 in Chicago, Illinois
Died: August 25, 1993 in Encino, California


Gallery greeting Tony Canzoneri & his manager, Sam Goldman (July 9, 1931, Los Angeles)

During his long life, Tom Gallery was much more than a matchmaker or a promoter. Even before becoming the highy successful matchmaker at the Hollywood Legion Stadium during the middle 1920s, Gallery had an interesting career as an actor in the silent movies. He was married to the famed movie actress/comedienne Zasu Pitts before being divorced during the 1930s. After his days as a boxing man, Gallery was a television executive.

On March 24, 1925, Gallery succeeded Tom Kennedy, another movie actor, as the matchmaker at the famed Hollywood Legion Stadium. During the flush times of the late 1920s, the Legion Stadium made a large profit of about $75,000. on an annual basis despite the fact that the arena had a capacity of about 4,500.

But with the advent of the Great Depression, just about every boxing venue had a rough time. The Hollywood Legion Stadium was doing better than just about any other club, but it still had a rough time and profits became smaller. As a result, Gallery resigned in late 1931.

Within the next couple of years, Gallery would be become a matchmaker at the Dreamland Arena in San Francisco. In late 1933, he would become the matchmaker at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles while still holding on the job at the Dreamland Arena. But the effects of the Great Depression were still strong and Gallery would move on after a relatively short time.

In 1939, Gallery staged a World Heavyweight Title bout in Los Angeles between Joe Louis, the champion, and Jack Roper, a veteran challenger with modest credentials. As expected, Louis had little trouble and stopped Roper in the first round. But the bout drew a large crowd.

As a television executive at both the DuMont and NBC Networks after World War II, Gallery played an important part in a number of sports telecasts.

Former promoter at both the Olympic Auditorium and the Hollywood Legion Stadium during the 1920s.

Inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, "Expanded Category" (Promoters & Matchmakers)

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