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Ulli Kaden (born March 9, 1959 in Munich, West Germany) was a amateur boxer from Germany, who competed in the Super Heavyweight at the 1988 Summer Olympics and won the two gold medals in the Super Heavyweight category at the 1987 and 1989 European Championships. Kaden was 1980 to 1988 nine times champion of East Germany. 1981 he lost in the semi finals in Tampere to Francesco Damiani, 1983 he beat Alexander Miroshnichenko but lost in the finals again to Damiani. 1987 he beat Lennox Lewis in a tournament in Belgrade but Lewis KOd him at the Olympics 1988. During his career he beat Teofilo Stevenson three times but lost to him 6 times.

Olympic results

Kaden represented East Germany at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea, boxing as a Super Heavyweight (+91 kg). His results were:

World amateur championships results

1986 (as a Super Heavyweight)