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Every page and article of this Boxing Encyclopedia has a navigational link labelled "Talk," "Discussion" or "Discuss this page" -- depending on how your preferences are set and what "skin" you are using. (Click the "Preferences" link for more information on this.)

The "Talk" section of each page is where you can: 1) send a message to any of your fellow Boxing Encyclopedia members, by going to their User page and clicking their "Talk" link; and 2) post questions, make comments and suggestions, and so forth, regarding the subject of any page in this Encyclopedia. This is also the place to post your thoughts of a particular bout, by going to that fight page. Comments regarding what you personally think of a fight or boxer do not belong in the main page, but in the "Talk" section.

If you are the very first person to go to a page's "Talk" page, you will find an empty text window. You will also see a plus (+) sign next to the "edit" link. Clicking on that will allow you to add a title to your message. After you have written something in the text window and saved it, by clicking the "Save page" button below that text-editing window, all subsequent visitors to that "Talk" page will be able to add on to your message.

Finally, please be sure to include your "signature" to the end of your message, by either clicking the "signature" button above the text box (the tab is the second from the right and looks like this: Button sig.png ), or by manually typing four tildas at the end of your message: ~~~~

(When you are in an editing window, there is a row of icons/buttons immediately above the window that you use to create various things. From left to right, these buttons are: (create) bold font, italic font, internal link, external link, level 2 headline, embedded image, media link file, mathematical formula, "no wiki" text, signature, and horizontal line. Click on the "signature" button to add your signature.) The handy thing about a "signature" is that it provides an automatic link to the Editor/signer's personal wiki page, allowing people to communicate easily with that signer about what the signer had written on another wiki page. Further, once you enter a message in the "Talk/Discussion" section of an Editor's page, that will also automatically create a notice to the Editor that someone has messaged him/her.