Victor (Young) Perez

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Victor (Young) Perez)

Name: Young Perez
Birth Name: Victor Perez
Born: 1911-10-18
Birthplace: Tunis, Tunisia
Died: 1945-04-02 (Age:33)
Hometown: Paris, France
Height: 5′ 1″   /   155cm
Boxing Record: click

Division: Flyweight
Manager: Leon Bellier
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Career Review

Victor (Young) Perez was of Tunisian-Hebrew heritage, and the first Hebrew fighter from North Africa to win a world championship. He preceded the many outstanding Jewish fighters who came out of North Africa after World War II. He was the older brother of fellow boxer Benjamin "Kid" Perez.

From Perez arrived at Auschwitz on October 10, 1943 as part of "Convoy 60" a group of 1000 prisoners shipped from Drancy, France. While at Auschwitz, Perez was forced to particpate in boxing matches for the amusement of the Nazis. By 1945, Perez was one of just 31 survivors of the original 1000. In March 1945 the Camp was evacuated. The Nazis shot and killed Perez on the ensuing "Death March."

He is a member of the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame.