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Victor Ortiz vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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*'''Aired on:''' [[HBO Pay-Per-View]]
*'''Aired on:''' [[HBO Pay-Per-View]]
*[[:File:Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Victor Ortiz 2 (poster).png|Poster #2]]
*[[:File:223332.jpg|Photo #2]]
*[[:File:223332.jpg|Photo #2]]
*[[:File:Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Victor Ortiz 2 (poster).png|Poster #2]]

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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Victor Ortiz.jpg

2011-09-17 : Floyd Mayweather Jr 146½ lbs beat Victor Ortiz 147 lbs by KO at 2:59 in round 4 of 12


Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Victor Ortiz (poster).jpg
  • Mayweather wins every round.
  • Ortiz attacked Mayweather in the fourth, landing a series of head punches, but then intentionally headbutted his opponent in the corner and swung at Mayweather twice after the butt.
  • Referee Joe Cortez immediately stopped the action and penalized Ortiz one point for intentional headbutting. Ortiz immediately embraced Mayweather on the ropes and apologized. The fighters were not sent to neutral corners.
  • Both fighters embraced again in the center of the ring. Cortez restarted the action. Cortez turned away to look at the timekeeper and Mayweather knocked out an apparently confused Ortiz who was still looking at the ref.
  • Cortez was not looking at the fighters and never saw Mayweather knock Ortiz down.
  • Cortez looks back from the timekeeper, sees Ortiz down, and counts Ortiz out.
  • Controversial verbal exchange between Floyd Mayweather and commentator Larry Merchant after the bout. Mayweather screamed at Merchant, "You don't know shit about boxing!" Merchant responded to a departing Mayweather with a smile, "If I were fifty years younger, I would kick your ass." Ortiz told Merchant his bout "with Floyd was a learning experience."
  • In the post-fight commentary by Amir Khan, Khan noted, "Instinctively after being deliberately fouled, a fighter wants to get back at the guy who did it, that's why this happened."
  • In post-fight commentary regarding this bout, Johnny Nelson noted referee Joe Cortez (seen on pay-per-view giving pre-fight instructions) did indeed say "Protect yourself at all times".
  • Luminaries at ringside included Mike Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, and Sean Combs.
  • The fight generated 1.25 million pay-per-view buys and $78.44 million in pay-per-view revenue.
  • Announced attendance of 14,687.
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