Virgil Akins vs. Garnet (Sugar) Hart

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1957-08-09 : Virgil Akins 148 lbs beat Garnet Hart 148 lbs by TKO in round 8 of 10

  • Location: Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
  • Referee: Lou Parker

"Veteran Virgil Akins' 8th round TKO of young Sugar Hart Friday night was an upset to the bettors, but Akins says he planned it that way. Hart had staggered Akins in the 5th round with a hard right and two left uppercuts, but Akins weathered the storm and came back to win the 6th. Hart seemed to be sailing along in good shape in the 7th, when Akins suddenly chilled him with an overhand right. Hart went down for the automatic eight count. He lasted till the bell, but could hardly find his way to his corner. In the 8th, Akins backed him into a neutral corner and shelled him into helplessness before the referee stepped in after 49 seconds." -Associated Press

  • The two judges (unnamed in the report) had Akins barely at the end of six rounds. Referee Lou Parker had Hart ahead by the score of 28-27.

Post fight comment

  • "I figured I piled up enough points in the first two rounds to coast awhile. After I landed a hard left to his body in the 7th I knew I had him." -Virgil Akins