Vitali Klitschko vs. Shannon Briggs

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Jabs Klitschko Briggs
Landed 131 34
Thrown 407 179
Percent 32% 19%
Power Punches Klitschko Briggs
Landed 171 39
Thrown 320 137
Percent 53% 28%
Total Punches Klitschko Briggs
Landed 302 73
Thrown 727 316
Percent 42% 23%

2010-10-16 : Vitali Klitschko 251¼ lbs beat Shannon Briggs 262¼ lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

Vitali Klitschko vs. Shannon Briggs (poster).jpg

In an internationally televised bout from O2 Arena in Hamburg, Germany, Dr. Vitali "Iron Fist" Klitschko retained the WBC heavyweight title with a 12 round unanimous decision over Shannon 'The Cannon' Briggs, a former WBO and linear heavyweight champion. Briggs, with 30 first round knockouts among his 45 knockouts, tried to get inside on Klitschko in center ring. Briggs tried to counter punch Klitschko in center ring. Other than a few missing swings and grazing blows, Briggs landed very little on conseqence. Klitschko, on the other hand, throwing purely from the arms and shoulders, landed a significant number of straight power rights and left-right combinations to the head, and short punches on the inside to win every round on points. Rounds 8, 9, 10 and 11 looked closer to 10-8 rounds, with Briggs being staggered backwards to the ropes on several occasions in the later part of the rounds but not falling. Both fighters appeared in top condition. No fouling, a clean bout.

Klitschko fought the whole bout with one or both hands down. As he explained in the post-fight interview: ""Briggs wouldn't go down, he was tough. What could I do?" Briggs was all praise for Klitschko as "The best opponent I've ever fought." Briggs stated his willingness to return to Germany in the future to fight Wladimir Klitschko.

Briggs main problem during the bout was his corner, who shouted conflicting instructions loudly the entire bout during rounds, but offered no advice of consequence for Briggs to get back into the bout as he fell further and further behind with each passing round. After the bout, Briggs was hospitalized for facial surgery in Hamburg, Germany, with fractures under both eyes, a concussion, a broken left orbital bone in his face, and a broken nose. Briggs also incurred a torn left bicep in the first round. Briggs was hit 302 times in the head and body by Klitschko, 171 of them being clean shots. Briggs impressive record of 45 knockouts (30 in first round) and the fact that he was the last American to hold the heavyweight title, appeared to figure in to the decision to let the fight go the distance. Klitschko landed power punches and jabs consistently throughout the bout without tiring or punching himself out.

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