Whitey Bimstein

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Bimstein 1947
Class of 2006
Non-Participant Category
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World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Whitey Bimstein (whose given name was "Morris") was a legendary trainer, second and cutman--known as "King of the Minute Men." He had grown up on Manhattan's lower East Side and would fight neighborhood kids. He got $5 for a preliminary bout in a neighborhood club when he caught the eye of Tom McArdle who, later with Lou Briggs, became Bimstein's manager. But Bimstein was lazy when it came to training, he later admitted. So McArdle started using Bimstein as a sparring partner for his other fighters and eventually as a cornerman. He usually worked at Stillman's Gym daily from noon to 3 p.m. He worked in ring corners in all parts of the world, including London, Calcutta, Johannesburg, San Francisco and New Orleans. He carried an arsenal of medicines and salves in eight to ten bottles, an ice bag, swabs, and a phial ot two of mild stimulants (as well as a bottle that contained his "secret concoction").

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