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* '''[[International Boxing Federation]] Heavyweight Title''' (7th defense by Klitschko)
* '''[[World Boxing Organization]] Heavyweight Title''' (3rd defense by Klitschko)
* '''[[International Boxing Organization]] Heavyweight Title''' (7th defense by Klitschko)
== Notes ==
* [[Wladimir Klitschko]] 52-3 (46 KOs) vs. [[David Haye]] 22-1 (21 KOs)
* For Haye, it was only his third fight at heavyweight.
== Pre-fight Build Up ==
== Pre-fight Build Up ==

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Pre-fight Build Up

  • In buildup for the fight, Haye wore a t-shirt to a press conference which showed him carrying the severed heads of Wladimir and older brother Vitali, the holder of the World Boxing Council version of the heavyweight title and referred to Wladimir as "bitchko", believing that the champion has maintained his titles by running in the ring. In response the younger Klitschko responded, "David should have stayed at cruiserweight. He's only had two heavyweight fights but now wants to be champion... He's been very provocative. He cut my head off for one magazine - that's pretty provocative so I decided to fight this boy. Now I see Haye with a cut off head of my brother, my family member. What's going to be next? My dad's head? My mother's head? Will he attack my religion, my race? This is over the edge - it's not sport. This guy will be punished. After 12 rounds he will be a pizza face - then I will knock him out. He needs to be taught how to behave." [1]


  • On June 3, ESPN reported that David Haye pulled out of the bout citing a hand injury. If it is determined that Haye, will be unable or unwilling to reschedule, Klitschko will likely attempt to keep the June 20th date against an opponent to be named. "I've been waiting for David Haye for six months and I'm still determined to fight on June 20. We will now consider opponents," Klitschko was quoted as saying in England's Guardian newspaper. "I'm not one to throw garbage at a man who's down, although if it was the other way around I'm sure he would do this." [2]