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Founded by Everett L. Sanders in 1980, the World Boxing Hall of Fame (WBHOF, or, as of 2009, WBHF) is located in Southern California. It is one of the two recognized "world-wide" boxing halls of fame, along with the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in New York state. (This WBHF is to be distinguished from the so-called "World Boxing Hall of Fame" of Smithville, Ontario, Canada. [1])

Since its inception the WBHOF has never had a permanent location or museum, which has allowed the younger IBHOF--which does have a building and museum--to garner more publicity and prestige. Recently (2005) however, the WBHOF partnered with the 121-year-old Los Angeles Athletic Club in downtown Los Angeles, where it will establish its permanent home. It had planned to open a "Walk of Fame" museum in early 2006.

Its annual ceremony is usually held every October. Inductees traditionally received a plaque and medallion, as well as miscellaneous mementos. Starting in 2004, a 12-inch tall bronze scuplture, entitled "The Prizefighter," designed by artist and boxing trainer Steven Harpst, is given to each inductee, along with the medallion. A souvenir program is given to all attendees.

Its present office address is:
8304 Limonite Ave, Suite D
Riverside CA 92509

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