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The Schedule Forum is for announcing upcoming fights only.
Off topic postings will be transferred to their respective Forums.
Personal attacks against anyone will be deleted.
All bouts are subject to change.

To help us serve you better and eliminate confusion;
Posting your contact information eliminates false post by trolls.
Do not post more than one show per thread.
Do not post in capital letters so we can copy & paste, therefore eliminate typos.
Enter the scheduled date, location & venue in the Post subject.

List full names of contestants, scheduled rds and weight category.
Please state when a fighter is debuting.
Post the scheduled rounds at the beginning of your original post because the
system entry is in sequence with larger amount of sheduled rounds @ the top.
Use the name of the promoter, not his company name !
Include the matchmaker and the phone number for tickets.
If a Title is being contested, state if it’s vacant. List the TV Network if any.

In posting a promo article, Give the title, author, date and link to the source.
Keep us up to date on fall-outs and replacements by specifying what you want in or out.

Do not start a new thread for updates;
Just scroll down in the “Author Field” until U reach your user name and add a post of
the new details to the original thread. It saves the editors valuable time and eliminates
mix-ups of conflicting info posted in separate threads.

If you see we don’t have a fighter’s record as complete as you have in hand;
Send a copy of his "Official" Record ASAP so we can research and post it on site.

(For "Official" Records.) Email to; [email protected] or fax to (toll free)
USA 1 (866) 297-7761
Mexico 55-1084-7358
UK - 0207-692-5584

:box: Good luck on your show! :TU: