Professional Boxing

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Professional Boxing

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Ballroom Boxing
May 20 2023 Capital Plaza Hotel
Jefferson City, Mo
Promoter: Steve Walker
Match maker: Steve Walker

Brandon Baue. Vs Noah Kidd. 6 rds
Sam Shewmaker vs Tim Bronson 4 rds
Armondo Reeves Va Quintell Thompson 6 rds
Aaron King vs Gavin Jones 6 rds
Blake Orr vs Dalton Treaster 4 rds
Richard Smith vs Shauncy Perry 4 rds
Tray Martin vs Anthony Lowe 4 rds
Don Stewart vs Ahamahd Oates. 6 rds
Michale Williamson vs Logan Coker 4 rds
Rocky Hughes vs Printice Canada 6 rds
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Re: Professional Boxing

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Heya Steve Walker how are you doing... I'm also a Matchmaker from Ghana get in touch with when you need fighter's from West Africa and East Africa

Kind regards :TU:
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