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Magomed Kurbanov vs. Michel Soro - May 6, 2023

Posted: 23 Mar 2023, 04:07
by Ruthless-RKO

Magomed Kurbanov vs. Michel Soro on May 6 in Ekaterinburg, Russia

WBA # 2 ranked junior middleweight Michel Soro (35-3-2) and WBA # 5 Magomed Kurbanov (24-0) square off on May 6 in Ekaterinburg, Russia, in a non-title ten-rounder.

According to Soro's promoter Yohan Zaoui there will be a Russian referee and judge, a French judge with the third official from a "neutral" country.

Kourbanov vs Soro was all set to go back in 2019 in France but then Kourbanov had to withdraw due to visa problems.

Soro comes off two tough fights against WBA # 1 Israel Madrimov where the first ended in a controversial TKO loss when the referee didn't hear the bell ending the ninth round, which allowed Madrimov to punch on the hurt Frenchman until the referee stopped it. The rematch ended in a technical draw when Soro was cut after an accidental clash of heads.

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Posted: 01 May 2023, 17:02
by Ruthless-RKO
Fight Week!! :box:

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Posted: 06 May 2023, 18:14
by Ruthless-RKO
Forgot about this!!

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Posted: 06 May 2023, 18:15
by Ruthless-RKO
Magomed Kourbanov Escapes With Split Decision Win Over Michel Soro

In the main event of the card, staged by the RCC Boxing Promotion at Uralets Arena in Ekaterinburg, Russia, local favorite and TBRB #7 Magomed Kurbanov escaped with a split decision win in a very tight and damaging (for Kurbanov) affair with a long-time light middleweight contender Michel Soro of France.

WBA #2 Soro, 35, might have been considered as the last stepping stone for WBA #5 Kurbanov en route to a long-awaited shot at one of the major belts due to his high ranking retained under somewhat odd circumstances.

Soro hasn't scored a win since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Frenchman was coming off a pair of controversial fights with the Uzbek prodigy Israil Madrimov (who is rated #1 by the World Boxing Association) - a debated TKO loss in the first fight and a cut-induced technical draw in their second encounter. Meanwhile, Kurbanov scored some solid wins both in 2021 (over Liam Smith) and in 2022 (over Patrick Teixeira and Johan Gonzales). Smith and Teixeira were former beltholders.

The fight went in the wrong direction for the "Black Lion" from round one. After sitting most of the round at his back foot, Kurbanov, 27, tried to engage Soro in an exchange, which resulted in an accidental headbutt. A deep cut over the right side of Kurbanov's left eyebrow opened immediately, blurring his vision. After round one, Kurbanov's cornermen tried to patch him up but to little effect.

The Frenchman targeted Kurbanov's left eye in the second but he also came a bit short due to an exaggerated layer of vaseline being smeared all over Kurbanov's cut; referee Irakly Malazonia paying next-to-zero attention to this violation. Kurbanov adjusted his style in the third to be more active but as he usually does he took the role of a counterpuncher. Soro's success was limited, although his jab penetrated Kurbanov's defense at times. The Russian answered in spurts but Soro also covered himself well.

Kurbanov found room for some extra punches in the mid rounds but Soro was more active. As rounds went by, another cut was opened - this time after a punch - over the left side of Kurbanov's left eye. Soro specifically targeted the damaged eye to inflict more damage but Kurbanov's team did a great job dealing with the cut later on.

Soro got more and more successful over rounds eight and six, capitalizing on Kurbanov's fatigue and Soro's own potent attacks. Rounds ten and eleven were also in Soro's favor, who tagged Kurbanov several times but never cleanly. The last round was more even, Kurbanov coming strong at the very end.

Two judges had it one round apiece (115-113) - for Kurbanov and for Soro. The decisive score was delivered by the third judge who had it 116-112 - seemingly too wide - for the local fighter in an even fight with the Frenchman coming strong during the second half. Kurbanov progresses to solid 25-0, 13 KO, while Soro drops down a notch to 35-4-2, 24 KOs.

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Posted: 06 May 2023, 18:16
by Ruthless-RKO
Many saying Soro and Ngabu both robbed..

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Posted: 06 May 2023, 22:44
by Mexi-Box
Ruthless-RKO wrote: 06 May 2023, 18:16 Many saying Soro and Ngabu both robbed..
Didn't Soro also get robbed in the Antoine Douglas fight? Was supposed to be an ESPN showcase for Douglas, IIRC. Anyways, dude seems to fight just about anyone.

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Posted: 08 May 2023, 11:33
by Ruthless-RKO
Soro On Controversial Loss To Kurbanov: “You Win 8 Or 9 Rounds, Can’t Have Robbery Like This”

“This is crazy,” Soro told Boxing Scene. “I’m sure I won the fight. It was a big robbery [Saturday night]. When you fight outside of your country, you can lose by controversial decision. I’m OK with that. But when you win eight or nine rounds, you can’t have a robbery like this.”

Soro seemed to be the more active, accurate fighter in a bout that was streamed live on the YouTube channel of RCC Boxing Promotions, which represents Kurbanov.

“I’ve never seen what I saw [Saturday night],” Soro said. “I saw a big robbery [Saturday night]. It’s a shame for me. It’s a shame for boxing. It’s not good for boxing promotion in Russia. When I walked down from the ring, all the people said I won. I clearly won this fight. I won eight or nine rounds.”

“What Kurbanov and his team did on the scales is shameful,” Berlin said. “Plain and simple, he cheated to give himself an unfair competitive advantage in the ring. It will undoubtedly follow him for the rest of his career.”

“This is just beyond belief,” Berlin said. “I feel like this is the worst of them. First he cheats on the scales and then this is just a shameful decision for boxing, honestly.”

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Posted: 09 May 2023, 05:02
by giacomino
Didn’t Kurbanov‘s “win” over Beefy Smith also smell of four-day-old fish? Seems to be a pattern for him in Russia. The last legit loss for Soro was vs Castaño and that was six years ago in France. Hope he gets a title shot

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Posted: 09 May 2023, 11:36
by margaret thatcher
well, the madrimov stoppage loss was smelly due to the ending, but he was well on his way to legitimately losing that already pretty late in the fight. even if ref had stopped the round on time, was second best in that fight and would've presumably been down 5 points, 3 points, and 1 point with 3 rounds left, coming off a round where he was hurt pretty good even before the unheard bell. then in the rematch he was getting handily beat the first 2 rounds before unfortunate cut in the third

i had kurbanov beating smith by 1 point btw, very close fight but kurb landed better shots which i liked over smith's work rate. also hurt him about 3 diff rounds. that said, a ud with a 117-111 defo showed some home genoristy. also , smith prob shouldve had credit ffor a flash kd in round one, which woulda made it a draw for me

i havent seen this one yet, but unlike the smith fight where a sizable minority thoughtt the decision was fair, every comment ive seen is that it was a robbery

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Posted: 11 May 2023, 13:04
by Ruthless-RKO
Soro's Team Files Protest With Russian Federation Over Controversial Loss To Kurbanov

Michel Soro’s handlers have filed a protest after his costly, controversial loss to Magomed Kurbanov on Saturday night in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

In the protest submitted to the Russian Boxing Federation, a copy of which was obtained by Boxing Scene, Soro’s attorney, David Berlin, requested that the RBF reverse the official result – a 12-round, split-decision win for Russia’s Kurbanov. Berlin cited criticism from numerous media outlets, including, and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, which referred to Kurbanov’s questionable win as “a robbery” that “had to be seen to be believed,” among the reasons that the decision should be changed.

France’s Soro told Boxing Scene in the immediate aftermath of his dubious defeat that he was certain that he had won at least eight or nine rounds.

Two judges – Russia’s Dmitry Boldyrev (116-112) and Germany’s Joerg Milke (115-113) – scored eight and seven rounds for Kurbanov, respectively. The third judge – France’s Ammar Sakraoui – scored Soro a 115-113 winner of their junior middleweight match.

“The bout was a one-sided affair with Soro the clear and decisive winner,” Berlin wrote in the official protest addressed to Oleg Ageev, head of the RBF. “It is our information that most observers, both in the audience and on television, scored the bout 9-3 in rounds for Soro, and that no one – other than the judges – saw Kurbanov winning more than four rounds. Moreover, the few rounds that could have been given to Kurbanov were close rounds in which no damage was done and which could have gone to either fighter, whereas most of the rounds won by Soro were dominant, damaging rounds.”

Berlin emphasized that the scoring of the 11th round was egregious.

“There is no imaginable way that a judge could have legitimately scored that round for Kurbanov,” Berlin wrote. “And yet that is exactly what the Russian judge (Boldyrev) and the German judge (Milke) did. There is no explanation other than that these judges are corrupt or so incompetent that they should not be judging fights. The scoring of that round is emblematic of the injustice that was perpetrated on Soro in the bout.”

Sakraoui scored the 11th round for Soro.

Berlin, a former executive director of the New York State Athletic Commission, also detailed irregularities that occurred at the scale both Friday and Saturday.

A video from Friday’s weigh-in showed that Kurbanov leaned on the hand of one of his team members as he stood on the scale. The 27-year-old contender stripped naked before he stepped on the scale, but his official weight for this 154-pound fight was listed at 152 pounds.

Soro’s team protested and came to a financial agreement with RCC Boxing Promotions to move forward with the fight. Both camps committed to a second-day weigh-in Saturday morning as well.

Kurbanov came in heavier at the second-day weigh-in, according to Berlin, than what was agreed upon after the controversy at the scale Friday. Soro, who made weight Friday and Saturday, was further compensated by RCC Boxing Promotions after Kurbanov missed weight Saturday morning.

“Kurbanov cheated, plain and simple,” Berlin wrote. “And he did it to give himself an unfair advantage over Soro.”

Berlin requested that the RBF sanction Kurbanov and his team members for their conduct at both weigh-ins.

Soro (35-4-2, 24 KOs) entered the ring ranked second among the WBA’s 154-pound contenders, three spots atop the fifth-ranked Kurbanov (25-0, 13 KOs). Berlin also plans to request that the WBA keep Soro in the second spot in its super welterweight rankings, so that this controversial loss doesn’t knock him out of position to get a title shot.

The 35-year-old Soro already endured an infamous ninth-round, technical-knockout loss to Israil Madrimov in December 2021 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Madrimov (9-0-1, 6 KOs), a native of Uzbekistan, hit Soro at least six times after the bell sounded to end the ninth round of their WBA elimination match.

Referee Salvador Salva didn’t hear the bell ring and allowed Madrimov to continue hitting Soro, who was buzzed before the bell sounded. Salva declared Madrimov a TKO winner of what had been a back-and-forth fight.

The boxing commission in Uzbekistan didn’t change the official result, but the WBA ordered an immediate rematch. Their second fight resulted in a technical draw last July 9 at O2 Arena in London because Soro sustained a cut above his left eye from an accidental clash of heads in the third round.

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Posted: 11 May 2023, 13:06
by Ruthless-RKO
Full Fight!