"Bad" Bennie Briscoe vs. Roberto Duran

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"Bad" Bennie Briscoe vs. Roberto Duran

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15 Rounds Middleweight Bout

Either Briscoe make "The Hands of Stone", who fought the Maverlous One in 1983 and Barkley in 1989 verision looked "Bad" behind his jabs and heavy punches on the body and head to take a decision or vice versa for Duran, who would counter him with heavy punches. What do you guys think and who do you got?
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Re: "Bad" Bennie Briscoe vs. Roberto Duran

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Assuming Duran fights his best, he'd take a decision over Bad Bennie. The scorecards would be close, but Roberto's superior ring savvy makes difference.
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Re: "Bad" Bennie Briscoe vs. Roberto Duran

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The Duran that could come within a point of beating Hagler could probably get over on Bennie 9 rounds to 6 I'd imagine. Great fight. Bennie ain't give it to him, but I think he's the kinda fighter Duran could've gotten the better of. Even giving away size.

At least the very best Duran at Middleweight.
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Re: "Bad" Bennie Briscoe vs. Roberto Duran

Post by elmersalsa »

To beat the great Roberto Duran at Jr middleweight and middleweight you had to be a slick, fast-handed and fleet-footed boxer. Guys like Herol Graham, Marvelous, Sumbu Kalambay, "Terrible" Terry Norris, Mike McCallum, James Toney, Sugar Ray Leonard, Thomas Hearns, Wilfred Benitez, Luis Manuel Rodriguez, Michael Nunn and Sugar Ray Robinson would be able to beat him at those weight classes even at Duran at his very best shape possible.

But guys like Iran Barkley, Julian "The Hawk" Jackson, "Bad" Bennie Briscoe, Davey Moore, Matthew Hilton, Mustapha Hamsho, Nigel Benn, Wilford Scypion, Carmen Basilio, guys that loved the heat of the to toe battle, are the most likely to lose to Roberto in great shape at those weight classes. But, Duran gotta be in the very best of shape fighting these types of sluggers. If not, he would get knocked out or overwhelmed.

Duran by decision. I don't see it other way IF he is in the best shape possible.
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