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Women's Boxing

Posted: 18 Feb 2024, 18:42
by Anglobox
I see no reason to include W.I.B.F. entrants to the Box-Rec lists of, "Women's World Champions":

-at 168, Sanna Turunen hasn't fought in 2.5 years!

-at 154, they continue to list Maria Lindberg, even though, in her last fight at her division's weight-limit, she was stopped in the FIRST by IBF/IBO Champion Femke Hermans...and has list THREE of her last four, two coming by way of stoppage

-at 147, "welterweight champ," has fought overly mediocre opponents...and hasn't fought ANYONE AT ALL in (very nearly) two years

...and with the exception of Sarah Borrman, all other WIBF "world" titles are, either, vacant or occupied by boxers who have yet to fight in a contest with a "rated" opponent by the other four world-sanctioning bodies.

I look forward to your thoughtful response. Thank you for your attention.

Cris Goolsby(Anglobox)

Re: Women's Boxing

Posted: 18 Feb 2024, 23:29
by RScarf1
I think the Women's International Boxing Association(WIBA) is currently doing better in women's boxing at getting fights for their vacant titles.