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Name: Dariusz Michalczewski
Alias: Tiger
Born: 1968-05-05
Hometown: Gdansk, Poland
Birthplace: Gdansk, Poland
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 184cm
Reach: 178cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Klaus-Peter Kohl
Trainer: Fritz Sdunek

Dariusz Michalczewski defended his WBO light heavyweight title 23 times and was a two weight division champion, winning titles as both a Light Heavyweight, and as a Cruiserweight. For years a bout with Roy Jones Jr., was discussed, but never happened due to various reasons. Both parties pointed the fingers towards each other for this. Michalczewski did defeat several notable fighters such as Montell Griffin, Graciano Rocchigiani, and Drake Thadzi. He lost his last two fights to Julio Cesar Gonzalez and Fabrice Tiozzo.

Amateur Achievements

Amateur Record: 133-15-2 (83 KO's)

  • 1986 - European Junior Semi-Finalist in the middleweight division, defeating Fabrice Tiozzo but losing to Ray Close
  • 1990 - German National Champion in the light heavyweight division
  • 1991 - European Champion in the light heavyweight division

Career Factoids

Preceded by:
Leeonzer Barber
WBO Light Heavyweight Champion
1994 Sep 10 – 2003 Oct 18
Succeeded by:
Julio Cesar Gonzalez
Preceded by:
Nestor Hipolito Giovannini
WBO Cruiserweight Champion
1994 Dec 17 – 1995 Jan
Succeeded by:
Ralf Rocchigiani
Preceded by:
Virgil Hill
WBA Light Heavyweight Champion
1997 Jun 13 – 1997 Jul 1
Succeeded by:
Lou Del Valle
Preceded by:
Virgil Hill
IBF Light Heavyweight Champion
1997 Jun 13 – 1997 Jun 16
Succeeded by:
William Guthrie