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Name: German Gastelbondo
Alias: Johnny
Born: 1943-03-12
Hometown: Cartagena, Colombia
Birthplace: San Onofre, Colombia
Pro Boxer: Record

Record of Gastelbondo as presented in for example Ring Record Books is apparently filled with fictional victories. Compared to contemporary Colombian newspaper articles, there appeared to be some 10-15 additional victories which probably doesn't exist. These fights/results have already proven to be incorrect :

29 Oct 1965 : A rematch points victory over Castor Castillo in Venezuela. Gastelbondo knocked out Panameno Carlos Rios in Barranquilla, Colombia on the same date.
20 Oct 1966 : KO victory over Carlos Rios. This a duplicate of an actual win a year earlier.
Jan-Feb 1967 : Two wins (PTS10, KO1) over "Rafael Rojas". The correct opponent was Rafa Rojas, a featherweight champion of Costa Rica. Gastelbondo met Rojas only once, won by 1st-round kayo and both orignally given dates were some two weeks off.
1967 points win over Juan "Rudy" Escobar. Two fights between a pair was recorded. 1st, a PTS win for Gastelbondo, then a draw. Actually they only fought once - victory was originally announced for Gastelbondo, but it was later overturned to a draw.