Lucian Bute vs. Edison Miranda

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Jabs Bute Miranda
Landed 24 10
Thrown 66 58
Percent 36% 17%
Power Punches Bute Miranda
Landed 23 11
Thrown 37 86
Percent 62% 13%
Total Punches Bute Miranda
Landed 47 21
Thrown 103 144
Percent 46% 15%

Lucian Bute 167 lbs beat Edison Miranda 167 lbs by TKO at 1:22 in round 3 of 12


Lucian Bute vs. Edison Miranda (poster).jpg
  • Bute lands a couple of shots to the head of Miranda in round 3. In an attempt to show that he is not hurt, Miranda lowers his hands and starts clowning in the middle of the ring. As he moves back into the fight, Miranda is caught by a hard left uppercut to the chin that sends him face first to the canvas.
  • Although Miranda beats the count, he remains on unsteady legs and the referee calls a halt to the bout.
  • At the time of stoppage, Harold Lederman's unofficial scorecard had Bute ahead 20-18.
Lucian Bute vs. Edison Miranda.jpg

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IBF Super Middleweight Title Fight
# 71
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