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The NABA Canada is a regional division of the North American Boxing Association and, as such, an affiliate of the the World Boxing Association. The first NABA Canada title was awarded in 2009 in contest between former and future Canadian Boxing Federation (CBF)cruiserweight champion Ryan Henney of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and Kareem Chartrand of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Henney was victorious via TK05, making him the first ever NABA Canada champion in any weight class.

Unlike its counterparts, the NABA Canada does not maintain rankings, offering their title to any qualified applicants. The title is the only Canadian championship that can be held by a non-Canadian boxer. For example, in 2011 CBF heavyweight champion Neven Pajkic of Toronto fought Johnny White of St. Martinsville, Lousiana, for the NABA Canada heavyweight title. Pajkic ultimately won the fight, keeping the championship in Canada.

To date, there have been four NABA Canada champions including Neven Pajkic at heavyweight; Chris Norrad at cruiserweight; Ryan Henney at cruiserweight; and Stephan Boyd at middleweight. In 2011, Samuel Vargas and Tebor Brosch fought to a draw for the vacant NABA Canada welterweight title, which remains vacant.