Sam Howard

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Sam Howard

Sam Howard was a manager, matchmaker and promoter based, during the 1910s, in Oshkosh-Marinetta, Wisconsin. He was a man small in stature and known for having $300 worth of diamonds set in his front teeth. [1]

When Washington state boxer Frank Farmer came to Wisconsin in 1915, Howard took over a half-interest in his management from Tex Vernon and came back with Farmer to the Tacoma, WA, area by late 1915. At this time he also owned a half-interest in Fred Fulton. Around the time of his bout with Fighting Billy Murray in early March 1916, Farmer parted company with Howard.

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Source: Newspaper articles found in Farmer's personal scrapbook in 2005

See also, Dec. 22, 1915 Tacoma Times [2] (Probably the original source of Farmer's article.)