Deontay Wilder vs. Kertson Manswell

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Deontay Wilder 228 lbs beat Kertson Manswell 251 lbs by TKO at 2:10 in round 1 of 10

Deontay Wilder scored his 24th knockout in as many fights, flooring Kerston Maxwell three times in the opening round.

Wilder began the fight with thumping left jabs, before landing a big right hand, followed by a left hook, that sent Manswell down on his backside for a count of five at 1:19. When action continued, Wilder landing a glancing right hand and a pushing left hook that put Manswell down on all fours for another five count. A flurry dropped Manswell for the third time. Without beginning a count, referee Keith Hughes waved an end to the bout.


  • Deontay Wilder 23-0 (23 KOs) vs. Kertson Manswell 22-5 (17 KOs)
  • Manswell, a 30 to 1 betting underdog, took the fight on ten days notice after Kelvin Price (13-0) withdrew citing a rib injury in sparring.
  • Manswell entered having lost five of his previous seven bouts and most recently was knocked out by Alexander Ustinov (25-0) in the third.
Official Fight Poster
  • At 228.25 pounds, Wilder was fighting at the heaviest of his professional career to date and over 11 pounds more than in his previous bout less than two months prior. Much of the weight gain appeared to be muscle.
  • It was the first nationally-televised boxing match in the state of Alabama in 26 years.
  • Ticket prices were $77, $42, and $22.


  • "I think this kicked in the door. So many people were viewing tonight. I know all the heavyweights in the division were looking. I called out every heavyweight in the division to let them know that I'm coming. Let's go. Let me give the people what they want. Deontay Wilder's been ready. Ask any fighter when he's ready for a title shot and he'll say ‘Right now.' I'm ready. But we had a game plan for early in my career, and we are probably going to stay with it. I think this is another step and we're going to break down the door. I can compete with anybody in the world right now." - Deontay Wilder in the post-fight interview.
  • "I got off to a pretty slow start, and I paid the price. He had a good right hand and then he caught me moving. Both of my feet weren't solid under me and he caught me with a solid punch, and I went down. I paid the price." - Kertson Manswell


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