Harry Hill vs. Pete Sanstol

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Pete Sanstol 116 lbs beat Harry Hill 116 lbs by TKO in round 5 of 10

  • Date: 1931-02-23
  • Location: St. Denis Theatre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • From Montreal's The Gazette newspaper:

    Bobby Leitham Out of Main Bout
    on Monday's Show Due to Ear Injury

    Pete Sanstol, the blonde bantam battler, will probably meet Harry Hill in the main bout of Promoter Romero Delisle's boxing show at the St. Denis Theatre on Monday night. Sanstol was scheduled to meet Bobby Leitham, ambitious local fighter, but late last evening Dr. McCormick of the Athletic Commission examined the Verdun fighter and announced that in his opinion, Leitham's ear was bad enough to keep him out of the ring. The Commission meets today and will probably act on the physician's report, releasing Leitham from his contract and accepting Hill as a substitute. Hill fought a draw with Leitham at the last show at the Monument Nationale.

    Leitham has had a bad ear for several months. It was badly cut in the Paluso match and further injured when he fought Frankie Wallace in Syracuse Monday night.

    In any case, the rest of the bouts will be staged Monday night and the promoter has practically secured Hill to take Leitham's place against the bounding Norwegian, Sanstol. The latter worked out in dashing form yesterday and when questioned on what fighter he would take on, answered: "Anybody that weighs under 120 pounds." He laughingly added: "Get Al. Brown," naming the recognized bantamweight champion.

    On February 23, The Gazette reported:

    Local Lad Will Try for Knockout Victory Over Palacio

    With Harry Hill, elusive Britisher, matching his speed and craft against the dynamic attack of blonde Pete Sanstol, and Arthur Giroux endeavoring to pound his way further along the flyweight trail by a knockout win over Tommy Palacio, of the Phillipines, tonight's boxing card at the St. Denis bears a strong international flavor, and likewise has an important bearing on the two fistic classes represented in the ring. Forty rounds of boxing in all are scheduled for the big theatre and a capacity crowd will see the return of Sanstol to local rings after a meteoric campaign in New York rings in the early winter.

    Hill, one of the most interesting boxers in the division and former Canadian flyweight champion, replaces Bobby Leitham, Verdun flash, who was forced to relinquish the match because of a severely-damaged ear which refused to respond to treatment. The fight gains, if anything, in the Hill replacement, as a fiercely-fought "grudge match" is assured. Hill was formerly in the same "stable" as Sanstol, both being managed by Raoul Godbout. The latter pushed the claims of Sanstol to a point that Hill was completely ignored and the little Britisher, severing all claims and connections with Godbout in a fit of pique, went out on his own. He believes that he can show up [Sanstol]....

    The day after the fights, The Gazette reported:

    Norwegian Bantam Scores Technical Knockout Before Crowd of 3,200

    A programme of boxing that made up in sheer entertainment value what it lacked as an exhibition of expert fighting was put on before a near-capacity crowd of 3,200 at the St. Denis Theatre last night, and with two local idols scoring decisive knockout victories in the main bouts the whole affair turned out highly successful. In the final bout, blonde Pete Sanstol ripped out a five-round technical knockout over Harry Hill, the bouncing Englishman, while in the semi-final, Art Giroux, local contender for flyweight honors, pounded Tommy Palacio, of New York, into submission in four rounds. Two of the remaining four bouts ended spectacularly before their scheduled time, which rounded out an evening of wholesome entertainment for those who prefer action to science as a ring diversion.

    The hypnotic Pete Sanstol found a willing victim in Harry Hill. The latter stepped into the breach at three days' notice when Bobby Leitham suffered an injured ear, and stopped bounding under the spell of Sanstol's weaving head and fists. Hill changed his usual tactics and shoved his face in front of the Norwegian who promptly hit it. The process continued through five rounds to the accompaniment of much hilarity on the part of the crowd and both fighters, and at the end of the fifth Referee Rivet walked over to Hill's corner, examined the fighter's badly mangled face and then lifted Sanstol's hand in victory.

    For the first round it appeared as if Hill might make a fight of it. He kept bobbing up and down to make the cold Sanstol miss badly and then charged in to clout the Norwegian on the side of the head. Sanstol refused to take Hill's pounding seriously and for every time he received a blow he ripped several right crosses flush to Hill's face to draw blood. The third round saw the Norwegian manoeuvre Hill into dropping his guard time and again, and he sent left jabs and a variety of right hand blows into Hill's badly cut face with a regularity that was even monotonous to the winner. Hill took everything laughing through his grimey complexion, but at the end of the fifth round all concerned had had enough and the bout was judiciously stopped.

    Sanstol, showed excellent condition and form, but came in a bit over-confident and did not seem to be trying hard for the first two rounds. Leitham was introduced from the ring and challenged the winner. The Verdun battler would probably make a much more orthodox fight of it and there is every likelihood that he and Sanstol will meet in the main bout of the next card.