Dominick Guinn vs. Audley Harrison

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Dominick Guinn 228 lbs beat Audley Harrison 255 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

Bout Summary

Aired on ESPN2's ESPN Friday Night Fights television show, this was an important fight for both Dominick Guinn and Audley Harrison, as both fighters were coming off of losses. The general feeling was that regardless of who won, the fight would have to be exciting in order to draw attention toward these fighers. Based on recent performances, both fighters seem to have issues with drive and motivation.

Overall, the fight was rather uneventful. Guinn was able to establish the lead in the early rounds. He seemed more willing to throw punches than Harrison, and was particularly accurate with his body punches. Nonetheless, both fighters seemed unwilling to let their hands go. The last minute of the tenth round was really the only exciting part of the fight, with both fighters finally letting loose. In the end, Guinn won a unanimous decision, but by no means dominated the fight.