Holly Mims vs. Bobby Boyd (1st meeting)

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Holly Mims 157 lbs lost to Bobby Boyd 161 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

  • Unofficial UP scorecard - 96-90 Mims
  • Photo #2

"Bobby Boyd won his 10th straight fight last night with a split decision over Holly Mims in the Chicago Stadium. But it was an uphill battle after Mims counter-punched his way to an early lead. Mims started the bout in similar fashion, driving right and left hooks over Boyd's guard to pile up points. But he tired after the 5th round and went to the canvas in the 6th when Boyd landed a right-left combination. Mims' second, Jimmy Dudley and manager Nick Trotta complained that it was no knockdown and that Mims won the fight. 'He was pushed down,' Dudley said, while Trotta complained that 'he was ducking away and slipped when he was shoved by a punch.'" -United Press

  • Post fight comment: "He's the toughest guy I ever fought. He could beat Eduardo Lausse, George Johnson and Gene Fullmer all in one night." -Bobby Boyd