Joey Giardello vs. Ralph Dupas

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Joey Giardello 160 lbs lost to Ralph Dupas 149 lbs by UD in round 10 of 10

"Classy welterweight contender Ralph Dupas, 149, won a unanimous 10 round decision over middleweight Joey Giardello, 160. The fast-moving New Orleans fighter swiftly moved out of reach of Giardello's famed left hook and threw quick left-right-left combinations in rapid succession to bewilder the Philadelphian Monday night. Dupas opened up a bad cut under Giardello's left eye in the 8th round with an unintentional butt. Tony Ferrante, Giardello's manager, was critical of referee Pete Giarusso's work, complaining that Giarusso did not warn Dupas about using his head after the butt. Ferrante jumped into the ring and Giarusso ordered him out." -Associated Press

  • Unofficial AP scorecard - 8-2 Dupas

Post fight comments

  • "What's the matter? Can't I protect my boy? Just because the referee's brother is the chief of police (Police Supt. Joseph Giarusso), this means I can't complain to take care of my fighter. What's this? Russia?" -Tony Ferrante
  • "He apologised for the butt, he didn't mean it. He's a good, fast kid, the fastest I ever fought." -Joey Giardello