Roy Jones Jr. vs. Mike McCallum

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Roy Jones Jr. throws a right at Mike McCallum

Roy Jones Jr 173 lbs beat Mike McCallum 175 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12

  • WBC World Light Heavyweight Title (Interim)


  • Jones made $2.8 million and McCallum got $750,000.
  • There was a crowd of 12,000.
  • There was one knockdown in the fight: Jones landed a right to the jaw just before the bell ending round ten that put McCallum on the seat of his pants.
  • Jones landed 254 of 535 punches (47%) and McCallum connected on 209 of 651 (32%).
  • A wild controversy was averted when two sets of judges — one from the World Boxing Council and another from the Florida State Athletic Commission — both unanimously voted for Jones. The Florida Commission refused to use WBC-appointed officials, saying it was the state body's jurisdiction and it would use its own judges. WBC president Jose Sulaiman then appointed his own set of judges and had them score the fight from the first row of the working media section. All three Florida officials scored the fight 120-107. Of the WBC judges, Marty Denkin had it 116-111, Tom Kaczmarek 119-108 and Barbara Perez 117-110. "I've been in boxing for 50 years, and as far as I know it's never happened," Denkin said of the dual set of judges.
  • Jones was upgraded to full WBC light heavyweight champion when former titlist Fabrice Tiozzo decided he would fight as a cruiserweight.
  • Official Program