Jimmy Carter vs. Orlando Zulueta

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Jimmy Carter 137 lbs lost to Orlando Zulueta 138 lbs by SD in round 10 of 10

"Orlando Zulueta, whose jab-and-run tactics paid off in a split non-title decision over Jimmy Carter, today demanded a 'promised' second bout with Carter, this time with the lightweight championship on the line. Zulueta upset the erratic champion by making double use of a brilliant left jab to stop Carter's rushes and to roll up points. There was no denying that Carter was the aggressor through most of the bout, but the champ found himself unable to dominate the nifty boxing underdog." -United Press

  • Unofficial UP scorecard - 95-95 Draw

Post fight comments

  • "Carter's manager promised us a title shot if Zulueta won this fight. Now we definitely want a crack at the title." -Hymie Wallman, Zulueta's manager
  • "This throws the welterweight title shot out the window. If you can't beat a lightweight, there's no sense shooting for the next division." -Willie Ketchum, Carter's manager, on Carter's hopes of challenging for the 147 lb. title