Oktay Urkal vs. Robert Cristea

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Oktay Urkal 147 lbs beat Robert Cristea 146 lbs by TKO at 2:04 in round 3 of 8

  • Weights: Urkal 147 lbs, Cristea 146 lbs.
  • Time: 2:04


- Cristea down 2:55 into the 1st Round from a left hook to the body.
- Cristea down 2:05 into Round 2 from a right hook.
- Cristea down :55 into Round 3 from a combo: straight right followed by two left hooks to the body. He went down a 2nd time in the round from a right hook to the body. Referee Daniel Van de Wiele stopped the fight as Cristea was on one knee.


- The fight was a complete mismatch. Cristea stayed in a defensive posture and looked to avoid Urkal and survive. Urkal simply cut off the ring, walked straight in and threw bombs.