Marcos Ramirez vs. Adailton De Jesus

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Marcos Ramirez 126 lbs beat Adailton De Jesus 126 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


  • Ramirez staggered de Jesus in the second round with a left hook and again in the eighth with a right hand.
  • De Jesus warned in the second, fourth, fifth and eleventh rounds for low blows.
  • Referee Mike England deducted one point from De Jesus for a low blow in the ninth round.
  • De Jesus had a solid tenth round as he landed on several clean, power shots.
  • The fight was held in Kansas City, the hometown of Marcos Ramirez.
  • Blows were reported as Ramirez 318/952 33%, De Jesus 307/885 35%. Ramirez led in body blows 237 to 184.
  • ESPN announcer Teddy Atlas scored De Jesus as a two-point winner. Upon hearing the scoring of the judges, Atlas remarked that "... De Jesus should have never even gotten on the plane."
This fight was actually held at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City Missouri. Due to issues it was moved at the last minute.