Jermain Taylor vs. Jeff Lacy

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CompuBox Punchstats
Total Punches Taylor Lacy
Landed 213 75
Thrown 442 443
Pct. 48% 17%
Jabs Taylor Lacy
Landed 107 29
Thrown 257 214
Pct. 42% 14%
Power Punches Taylor Lacy
Landed 106 46
Thrown 185 229
Pct. 57% 20%

Jermain Taylor 168 lbs beat Jeff Lacy 168 lbs by UD in round 12 of 12


Taylor controlled Lacy from a distance with his jab, landing well-timed right hands and uppercuts as he lunged forward. Taylor boxed a measured fight, jabbing and out-maneuvering Lacy on the outside, landing accurate straight rights whenever he got a clear shot, while tying up Lacy anytime he got in close. Lacy didn’t have an answer for Taylor's tactics but he did have one moment in the fight, during the fifth round, when one of his looping overhand rights glanced off the back of Taylor’s head, knocking him down to the canvas as he was backing out of a corner. The referee did not call the fall as a knockdown, but Lacy proceeded to crowd Taylor, who did a fair amount of holding as he backpedaled, for the duration of the round. However, Taylor returned to his boxing ways – jabbing from a distance, holding in close – in the sixth round and for the rest of the 12-round bout. Both boxers let their hands go when they weren’t in a clinch, but it was Taylor who landed his jab from all angles as well as the majority of the clean power punches, many of which were counter shots from mid-range as Lacy advanced forward or missed with his sweeping shots.